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WSQ Advanced Certificate In Workplace Safety And Health (Level – B)

On Completion of this course the participants of this course will gain the knowledge and skills for fulfilling the role of a coordinator and supervisor in accordance with the WDA- WSH level B Competency- based training programme.

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WSQ Certificate In Workplace Safety And Health (Level – A)

On completion of this course participants will acquire the WSH knowledge and skills to assist in the implementation of WSH control measures and management system. The knowledge is mainly factual and procedural requiring basic comprehension skills.

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WSQ Assess Confined Space For Safe Entry And Work (Confined Space Assessor)

This unit covers basic principles in working within/around confined space. It includes the knowledge and skills for the use of appropriate gas testing equipment and methods to obtain representative results for the assessment of atmospheric condition in confined space for safe entry and work. The skill and knowledge covered will enable the learners to be appointed as confined space safety assessor under the relevant regulations.

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WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes

This course covers the skills and knowledge required by the person in charge of a facility to implement the incident management process during an emergency incident in a process facility. This unit covers the approach, structure, tools, processes, communication methods that can be utilized during an emergency incident.

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Occupational First Aid Course (OFAC)

The aim of the course is to train individuals to render first aid treatment to the casualty during an emergency or accident at the workplace….

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Manhole Safety Assessor Course

This course is designed for personnel appointed to perform gas testing in confined spaces/manholes prior to entry/work and periodically to ensure the atmosphere is within the confined spaces/manholes is safe for continuous occupancy..

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