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WSQ Response to Fire Incident in Workplace

Course Overview

Respond to Fire Incidents in Workplace course aims to equip the learners with the skills necessary to handle a relatively simple fire incident which might happen anywhere in the workplace.

Who should attend this Course? - The target audience of this competency unit may include:

  • icoCompany Emergency Response Teams (CERT) from commercial, industrial and workplaces who are the first responders for incidents in their respective premises
  • icoPersons who wants to be recognized as the competent person applying emergency response skills during an emergency incident in workplaces. (Public and industrial buildings without or store under the exemption limit of petroleum and flammable materials)
  • icoThis course aims to provide people already working in all industries with the skills and knowledge required to effectively respond to fire incidents in designated buildings/workplaces. It is targeted at individuals who are currently involved in their organization’s CERT in any capacity: The competency unit would be appropriate for those with tactical and operational responsibilities

Course Content

  • Introduce or reinforce the relevant legislations surrounding the formations and activation of CERT
  • Familiarize participants with the various possible fire hazards and the usage of fire protection systems in buildings.
  • Instruct participants on correct

Course Duration - 8 hours (including 1 hr assessment)

Attendance - 100%

Assessment - Written questioning (1 hour) and Written Assessmentt

Certification - Statement of Attainment (SOA) by Workforce Development Agency (WDA

Entry Requirements - Learners are assumed to possess the following set of attitudes, skills and knowledge:

1. Assumed Skills and Knowledge Literacy and Numeracy – Able to listen, read and write English at a proficiency level equivalent to ES Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 4 Working Experience

2 .Relevant work experience to the workplace they would like to be a part of

3. Assumed Attitudes

4. Self-directed learner, with an open and analytical mind. In addition, workers in this sector are required to be dynamic, assertive and able to respond to any fire incident situations. They are also expected to be able to gather correct information and compile necessary data to assist in fire-fighting. Having communication skills using various methods and techniques is also expected. They should be self-directed learners and proactive towards problem solving and at all times, be safety-conscious and disciplined in adhering to safe work procedures.

Price of Course - $220.00 (Subject to Gst)

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