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WSQ Perform Work In Confined Space Operations (Safety Orientation Course For Manhole Workers – SOC MH)

Course Overview

On completion of this unit, learners will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to perform the duties of an entrant and attendant when working in a confined space, use gas detection instruments and participate in an emergency situation.

Workers anyone need work as: -

Workers anyone need work as:

  • icoConfined Space Entrant
  • icoConfined Space Attendant

Course Content

  • Identify duties and responsibilities of all personnel involved in confined space work under the WSH Legislations and Code of Practice
  • Identify confined space hazards
  • Use Gas Detection Instruments for atmospheric monitoring
  • Comply with Permit-to-Work system and safe work procedures when working in confined space
  • Participate in an Emergency for confined space

Course Duration

  • - 12 hours (Training)
  • 2 hours (Assessment/Exam)

Trainer : Trainee Ratio - 1 : 20


  • - Practical Performance
  • Written / Oral Questioning Session

Certification - Upon completion Safety pass will be issued to the participants with 100% attendance and passed the examination. Safety Pass valid for 3 years.

Pre-requisites - Nil

Price of Course - $115/- (subject to GST)

After SDF Funding : S$11.50 (up to 90%, subject to WDA Terms and Conditions Apply)

Funding Info -To be eligible for funding, participants must attend at least 75% of each module of the course.

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