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WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes

Course Overview

This course covers the skills and knowledge required by the person in charge of a facility to implement the incident management process during an emergency incident in a process facility. This unit covers the approach, structure, tools, processes, communication methods that can be utilized during an emergency incident.

Who should attend this Course?

This course aims to provide people already working in the process industry with the skills and knowledge required to Design Implement Incident Management Process. It is targeted at individuals who are currently supervisors or senior technicians from all sectors such as:

The course would be appropriate for those with operational responsibilities.

Course Content

  1. Interpret incident management approach and structure to ascertain the scope and severity of the emergency.
  2. Utilise incident management areas and processes to implement emergency response strategies.
  3. Utilise appropriate communication methods when managing an incident to control all internal and external resources.
  4. Control and maintain Incident management process to assess information on status of the emergency.
  5. Undertake post-emergency evaluation and debrief.

Course Duration

8 hours


Trainer : Trainee Ratio

1 : 20


Individuals will be assessed through various methodologies such as written questioning, written assignment, case studies and oral questioning etc.


A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded upon completion of each unit.


Learners are assumed to:

  1. Possess good knowledge in relevant organisational emergency response plans, procedures, policies and processes
  2. Possess good knowledge in emergency response concepts
  3. Possess related training or work experience in a process plant
  4. Be able to gather information and compile necessary data
  5. Possess basic knowledge in decision making processes and models
  6. Have communication skills using various methods and techniques


Course Fees

$390/- (subject to GST)

After SDF Funding:S$39 (up to 90%, subject to WDA Terms and Conditions Apply)

CPD Points

10 points for Fire Safety Managers (FSMs)

SDU Points

8 points

Funding Info

To be eligible for funding, participants must attend at least 75% of each module of the course.

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