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WSQ Develop A Risk Management Implementation Plan(BIZSAFE LEVEL 2)

Course Overview

On completion of this course, learners will acquire the knowledge and skills to be a Risk Management Champion for the organisation in reducing risks at source by managing the risk management process at workplace and for recognition of bizSAFE level 2 by Workplace Safety and Health Council. It involves developing a practical risk management implementation plan for the organisation which identify specific actions to be taken, by whom and time for their completion. It also entails formation of risk management team, risk assessment, controlling and monitoring the risks, communicating these risks to all persons involved and in compliance with the Risk Management Code of Practice (RMCP).

Who should attend this Course? - This course would be relevant to:

  • icoManagement
  • icoRM / RA Team MembersRisk Management Champions / RM / RA Team Leader
  • icoEngineers / Executives
  • icoLine Supervisors
  • icoRM / RA Team Members

Course Content

  • Risk Management Concepts
  • Regulations and Code of Practice for Risk Management
  • Hazard Identification Process
  • Risk Evaluation Methods and Procedures
  • Risk Control Measures
  • ALARP Concept
  • Implementation of Control Measures
  • Effectiveness of Control Measures
  • Risk Communication
  • Developing Workplace Risk Management Plan
  • Case Studies related to hazardous construction activities

Course Duration

  • - 15 hours (Training)
  • 1 hours (Assessment/Exam)
  • (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Trainer : Trainee Ratio - 1 : 20

Assessment - Individuals will be assessed through various methodologies such as written questioning, written assignment, case studies, practical and oral questioning etc.

Certification - A Statement of Attainment (SOA) will be awarded upon completion of each unit.

Pre-requisites - Literacy and Numeracy

1. WSQ Employability Skills Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 5


2. GCE O Level or Equivalent

Price of Course - $340/- (subject to GST)

After SDF Funding : S$34 (up to 90%, subject to WDA Terms and Conditions Apply) CRS-Q-0023234-MF

SDU Points – 16 points

Funding Info - To be eligible for funding, participants must attend at least 75% of each module of the course.

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