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Safety Culture Challenge: Overcoming Resistance To Achieve A Step-Change In Your Safety Culture

Course Overview

70% of all major change efforts in organization change because organizations often do not take the holistic approach required to see the change through.

Programs are implemented but people do not follow these programs. Training is given but people behave differently outside the classroom. Knowing what to change is easy, knowing how to create change is tough.

The workshop covers the people aspects of safety changes, and provides a step by step to overcome resistance in your workplace and create safety culture changes.

Who should attend this Course?

Management, WSH professionals, and safety task force members

Why you should attend?

  • Based on proven framework for change
  • Gain insights on the “how” of change- knowing what to change is easy, knowing how to change is tough.
  • Engage in fun and insightful exercises and case-studies
  • Acquire techniques which you can apply immediately at your workplace

Course Content

  • Understand concept of culture
  • Identify driving and restraining forces in safety culture change
  • Manage the psychology and emotional aspects of change
  • Gain insights on importance of culture factors in achieving world class excellence
  • Learn about organizational factors in major accidents
  • How to create a sense of urgency
  • How to communicate the change vision
  • How to aligning the system to culture
  • How to create short term wins
  • How to script critical moves

Course Duration 2 days

Trainer : Trainee Ratio -1 : 20

Assessment There will be no Assessment.

Certification - Upon successful completion of the course a Certificate endorsed by Greensafe International Pte Ltd will be issued the participants.

Trainer Name- Mr. Boon Chew

SDU Points- 14 points

Price of Course - $428/- (subject to GST)

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